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In two marvelous texts of dramatic poetry (Izgubljena vila [The Lost Fairy] and Svevidovim tragom [Tracing Svevid]) Jasna Horvat takes us into the world of more or less known legends, giving life to fairies as well as good and evil gods and goddesses. She does that in a manner of someone who very well knows something that is not easy to know and understand – a child’s feelings and a pure child’s soul. I say a child’s feelings and a pure child’s soul, even though I think that these texts are intended for all readers who are ready and capable of diving into the huge world of imagination and legends. 
Using good choice of topics, the arrangement and the sequence of pictures and events as well as numerous stylistic and verbal “reels” which give a special charm to these stories, these plays, although made up and fairy-tale-like, seem full of life, they are full of sparks and fresh, the words are ripe and strong – everything is simply in its place and everything is how the reader would want it to be and how it should be. 
It could be expected that these plays are going to be performed because they deserve it with its undoubted literary value, but also with its splendor of pictures and implied colors, exciting and dynamic plot, but especially with the ability to adapt to the scene.

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