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Krijesnici by Jasna Horvat (2009) brings us worlds of fantasy, each in its own way, with certain points of commonality (first of all, by touching on the elements of the Potter-type of novel), but also with differences, which are most evident in their attitude towards the early Croatian mythological substrate as an intertext and an important constitutive element of the fantastic realm. The entire fantasy world in the novel Krijesnici, and the structure of the story itself, rests on a literary template based on a mythological and historiographic intertext – on the novel Knez Zoran by Dragutin Nemet (1929). Hence the fantastic in the author Horvat, besides serving as a means to present tense adventures of child protagonists, is first of all a means for the presentation of characters and situations of early Croatian mythology and folk tradition validated in the Croatian literary, historiographic and oral-folkloric discourse.

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